project summary

project summary

To prevent healthcare-associated infection in East Africa.
SARAYA is going ahead with local manufacturing of alcohol hand sanitizer and education to healthcare workers.
At first, in Uganda.

Background of the project and its goal

Protect lives from deaths caused by hygienic problems.
With this steady mind from foundation as a manufacturer of hygienic products, SARAYA started "Wash A Million Hands!" project in 2010 as a support for UNICEF's handwashing promotion activity in Uganda. As engaging in the project, we came to wish to improve poor hygienic environment of medical facilities as well as spread handwashing among village people. We can decrease the child mortality rate and maternal mortality rate by protecting infection in hospitals.

SARAYA East Africa was founded in 2011 as our local subsidiary.
We started social business aiming to produce local alcohol hand sanitizer and spread it to healthcare workers.
When turning our eyes to the world, WHO (World Health Organization) is developing "Clean Care is Safer Care" campaign aiming to prevent healthcare-associated infection by spreading hand hygiene of the workers in the world's medical front including developing and developed countries. Promotion of alcohol hand sanitizer to medical facilities in Uganda corresponds to such world's trend.
At first, in Uganda, then to whole East Africa. "100% Hospital Hand Hygiene" project aims to solve social issues in Africa by creating local jobs and to develop itself as a sustainable business.


Local manufacturing of alcohol hand sanitizer

We produce local alcohol hand sanitizer in Uganda for the following purposes.

  • To contribute to raise of farmers' income through buying raw material from them as possible
  • To create jobs by employing local staffs for manufacturing and distribution.
  • To realize a price enough cheap for general consumers in Uganda.

We are aiming to develop a social business which sustainably takes root in the region and has an extensive developing effect on the whole society as well as the medical sector.

Education to healthcare workers

We are employing some new staffs as hygiene instructor engaging in hygiene education, prevention of healthcare-associated infection and lecture of hand hygiene. We offer them a training to pass on knowledge about healthcare-associated infection, the importance of hand hygiene and its method. The instructors are regularly sent to pilot hospitals to monitor the use of alcohol hand sanitizer by healthcare workers and assess its acceptability. We are exploring an effective method to change the workers' practice.
We also hold symposiums and seminars to promote their understanding about healthcare-associated infection and hand hygiene.